Web Design, Hosting, Maintenance, & Security all in one bundle.

There's not a better way to buy it!​

The essentials

The Big 4!

You need a Web Site; below are the four essentials every website must have and a good understanding of the cost to have it professionally built.

#1 Domain Name

#1 Domain Name

Every website needs a Domain Name. You can purchase a name from a Registrar: The registrar is an accredited organization, like GoDaddy, that sells domain names to the public. We highly recommend that you purchase the name yourself. If you need help selecting the right name, or the only purchasing process, we'll help you on every step of the way.
Expect to pay a Registrar $10 Each Year.
#2 Web Design

#2 Web Design

The aesthetics of a website is very important but at TrueZeal that normally does not affect the cost of the build. In contrast, the functionality and the volume of content to be included, such as; the number of images, pages of text, links, etc.. Every client's website is a little different, likewise, our fees for Development vary. We have created sites that only cost $1500 and sites that cost $30k.
A good ballpark is around $2500 for the average site.
#3 Hosting

#3 Hosting

We provide HostingMaintenance, and Security all in one bundle. First of all, these three are essential and integral components of your website. Therefore we do not sell them part and parcel, we bundle them together...
We offer three monthly plans:
Prime $54.99 | Ignition $88.97 | Impact $143.96
#4 Updates

#4 Updates

There's always a good reason to update or upgrade a website. It's a marketing tool after all, and it should not just sit there. It needs to stay up-to-date and certainly with fresh content to reach more people and rank better in Google. The big question is who's going to do the site edits? As part of all of TrueZeal's Hosting Plans, we provide a CMS (content management system) so that if you have the time and desire, you can do the work yourself. But because most small businesses don't have the time, we offer this as a service. Furthermore, we have included some Pro Update time as part of our Ignition and Impact plans.
Pro Updates, $65pr 1/2hr

Monthly Hosting Plans


Just the basics, please!
$ 54
  • Web Hosting
  • SSL Security
  • Responsive Mobile-friendly
  • CMS for Edits
  • Pro Edits, $65pr 1/2hr
  • Upgradeable Plan


Extra support when needed!
$ 88
  • Same as Prime + more
  • Full Site Back Up
  • Pro Edits, 1 Hr
  • Google Analytics
  • CMS Training


My site is important!
$ 143
  • Same as Ignition + more
  • Priority Support
  • Pro Edits, 2 Hrs
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • CMS Support Person