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Your website is part of your Brand, and you need to make sure it works, yet also it represents your business correctly. Sometimes it’s the first impression your business will make on a patron, and you need to protect that. But present-day web developers have made things so complicated you end-up putting your Brand on the bottom of your list.

Well, TrueZeal is changing that with a strategy to keep everything so simple and focused on what matters. With an arsenal of back-ups systems and security layers designed to blanket your website with protection, so it keeps going strong no matter what bugs or hackers come at it. 

TrueZeal will completely handle the design and development, but we have advanced easy to use tools that allow you to update your website or request one of our pros for help. It will be responsive and mobile-friendly. Regardless of the device, your website is viewed with; your Brand will look great. We add Google Analytics to help you improve your business so you can keep growing. Any great website will need a Hosting Server; we provide that too with unlimited website space and unmetered traffic; so it doesn’t slow down when it gets busy.

Design & Development

One Time Fee


retainer 50%50 fulfillment

This is a ONE-TIME fee for the initial development for a state of the art responsive and mobile-friendly website that will be custom built for your company brand. This fee covers the vast majority of the websites we create. If your website is projected to require more development time, you will know before we start. We will never surprise you with hidden fees.

The Fee for Design and Development is offered in correlation with our hosting, support & security. 

Hosting +Support +Security & More

Monthly, no contract


billed annually

Includes: hosting server, daily automated backups systems, automated security layers on top of professional (human) security maintenance, unlimited space, unmetered traffic, daily professional (human) code updates, automated update notification system, and more geek stuff. It’s a great deal for what you are getting!

Technology changes at a moment’s notice. Services are added and replaced as needed to ensure that you have the greatest and latest. The content on this page may or may not reflect the current versions or services being provided. 

Ready to go Logos


Fees Start at:


retainer 50%50 fulfillment

First of all, You want a really professional logo design that looks amazing. You certainly want a custom color and a font that best represents the impression you want to leave. We take a ‡stock “boxed” graphic that anyone in the world could buy and we customize it to look astounding.

‡This is a  non-exclusive logo design, taken from an existing vector stock design. Client agrees not to claim an exclusive right to use the Logo Template or Final Logo Design, which includes not claiming trademark™ rights or copyright© in the Final Logo Design and not applying to register® the Final Logo Design as a trademark anywhere.

Custom Logo Designs

Out of Box

Fees Start at:


retainer 50%50 fulfillment

It’s all about design ideas that can come from you or us. Days are spent considering what’s best for your brand. Several logo designs and edits will cross our desk until the final few make it to yours. These decisions are made with experience and great care. Every detail will be predetermined and provided to you in a multiple page guidelines document.

If you decide to attempt to register ® or trademark™ your logo design, we recommend that you hire the appropriate attorney. If during the first year after the creation of your logo design, you discover that you cannot claim the rights to the logo design we created, we will create a new logo design or edit as needed.

VB Consulting & Support

TrueZeal noticed a problem in small to midsize companies a few years ago. Business owners and managers don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to maintain their companies VB (Visual Brand). Next, we discovered something more frightening; they were not aware of the value of managing it. Some have taken a DIY approach, while others have freelanced out ten tasks to ten different subs. Regardless you end up with a hodgepodge of inconsistent colors, fonts, logos, and messages. Let’s be honest if you don’t have experience with vector formats, pan tone colors, or kerning letters, perhaps there’s something more productive you could be doing.

I’m aware that sounds harsh, but consider for only $25 each month, you could have TrueZeal as a consultant to you and act as a liaison for you with the Guy making those golf shirts with your Logo on, or that new sign you’re having made. Anything, anywhere your Visual Brand will be displayed, let us ensure it’s right. Let us keep track of your Logo files. Yes, even that letterhead you want your new Logo on, we’ll take care of that too.

VB Consulting & Support

Monthly, no contract


This sounds cheap because it is! We’re betting you will not have a lot. Most likely, you will only need us ever now and then. We’ll be on call, and if you need us more and more, we’ll negotiate something that works for everyone. For now, take advantage of our 26 Years of professional knowledge for only $25 bucks.

Pro Designer Graphic Services for Print or Digital

You’ll speak with the actual artist; working on your project. Your Brand consistency will be top of mind. No project is too small or too big. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We have 26 Years of professional experience with just about every form of design work you can think of.

Pro Designer



Getting great looking designs these days is simple, but getting the work done on time by some someone who guarantees your satisfaction, someone who keeps your Brand in focus, that’s an advantage.

Let's discuss your Graphic project.

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Our mission 
Consult, design, and develop your “Visual Brand” for your future success.

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