Brand Identity

correlation & consistency
Inconsistent Brand Identities, Build Weak Customer Relationships.

If your companies “Brand Identity”
 is the reality of who you are in business;
then your image is how people see and think of you.


to the

The Problem is Brand Neglect. Seriously, we know it sounds funny but the vast majority of Small Companies neglect to consider their Brand Identity consistently. They simply don’t have the information they need and are not aware of its value to their Company.

The Solution can cost less than a fancy cup of coffee each day.

Our Brand Consulting Service in Greenville SC is a unique service.  We don’t know of another like it. We help to ensure that when your Brand is viewed, it is seen as a consistent message by:

  • Consulting with Client as needed.
  • Liaison and Client Advocate for Brand.
  • Creating and Managing your Brand Guidelines.
  • Repository Archiving your Brand Files.
  • Secure Cloud Access to Repository.
  • Creating File Formats as needed.
  • Colors, Fonts, Custom Icons, and more!
  • From Social Media to Billboards files sizes.

More fewer headaches!

You control your Brand, we consult and assist as needed.

This plan will give you the confidence that a consultant is there when you need them.