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Tim Simmons

Tim Simmons, lead designer, consultant, and owner of TrueZeal.
I am the lead designer, consultant, and owner of TrueZeal. When I started this company over 28 years ago, I didn’t have visions of grandeur. I just wanted to do something that I loved and have satisfied customers that wanted to keep coming back. I had a passion for art early on and became recognized for my talents by local art galleries and museums in both the Carolinas. By the late ’80s, I was coding and designing websites, and as my passion and skills grew, an opportunity to start building sites for attorneys (Pro bono) emerged. As request increased from other types of business owners, it finally hit me that I could truly have a career doing something that I loved. In 1993 I launched TrueZeal, and in those days it was 14.4 dial-up modems and editing code in NotePad. It was a time of discovery and excitement as I tried to figure out where I fit in as a designer, and the TrueZeal brand began its journey. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of great companies of all sizes and industries. It has been an honor getting to know the faces behind the brands and helping them establish unique positioning in their perspective markets through quality visual branding and marketing support. As I look forward to the future, there’s no way to predict where our digital world maybe, but I’m positive Visual Branding will still be with us.


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